Martin fuckin' freeman!

WELL, HELLO THERE YOUNG CHAPS. Welcome to my tumblr.
To present myself, my name is Carina, i'm Norwegian, half Danish and 17 years old. I'm obsessed with music like rock, punk, indie, jazz, KPOP, classic and metal.
Um.. well, i REALLY love english people. And tea, oh i love tea.

I love Sherlock, Supernatural, Merlin, Doctor who, Harry Potter, Marvel stuff, J.J.R Tolkien's creations, Game Of Thrones and I also love Johnlock and Destiel muehehe.

I love Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom hiddleston, Misha Collins, Kurt Cobain, Jensen Ackles etcetc.

I also love gaming, and my favorite game of all time is the Assassins Creed games and L.A. Noire c':

Otherwise than that i'm just a retared girl.
SO YEAH. If you wanna know more, just feel free to ask questions!

Ask me about everything :)Archive

"Oh crumpets!"

- Benedict Cumberbatch

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